5 Fitness Myths

5 Fitness Myths:

  • Can you “spot reduce”?

Truth: Weight loss is first determined by your genetics and happens all over.

  • Machines are safer than weights?

Truth: Using free weights with proper form and pain-free flexibility and movement produces better real-world results.

  • Women will bulk up with strength training.

Truth: Women don’t have the same amount of testosterone and growth hormone level that men do, so bulky is more difficult, women will get leaner and stronger.

  • Your not “losing weight” because your putting on muscle.

Truth: You will not put on muscle at a rate that will significantly offset weight loss. It is all based on the amount of calories in versus calories out creating a caloric deficit.

  • You should stop eating carbs if you want to see results.

Truth:  If you plan on doing strength training, cardio, or a sport of any kind carbs are essential.  Without them you will do more harm than good being lean and healthy is one of your fitness goals

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