Biological Aging

  1. Based on several factors, some controllable, others not.
  2. Varies from person to person

 Chronological aging

  1. Based on factor, time.
  2. Is the same for everyone

Chronological age makes reference to the amount of time you have been alive.  In order to calculate this for everyone it is done the same using this mathematical equation:  current date minus date of birth is equal to chronological age.  (current date – DOB = chronological age).  Chronological age is a constant function of time which can not be stopped, slowed, or accelerated.

Performance vs Power

Power and Performance can be achieved at a parallel of the other.  Most  cases involve an athletic movement


Performance is the ability to operate or perform at an optimal level.  Usually, measure by a set of standard that can be use to rate the outcome




Power is the ability to produce the maximum amount of force in the shortest period.  A good example of power can be expressed in the equation (speed x distance = power). 

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