November 5, 2015


A Story About A Life

“My Life, My Story”

 Well, I grew up with humble beginnings. Born and raised in a small farm town in eastern Missouri. Grew up no stranger to hard work and manual labor. From an early age as far back as I can remember I have always been involved in some form of outside activity. With that being said it’s ironic that I was always the heavy kid in the group. Though that never stopped me from participating in basketball, baseball, football, kickball, etc.… I was born son of a horse farrier so up until the age of fifteen I was an experienced horseback rider, nothing of a sporting nature just leisure.

Growing up overweight allowed me to become very humble in my surrounding and relationship that I would develop with others. Never really bullied, left out of number of social events going into and out of teen years caused me to have a reclusive lifestyle. Just tried to stay out of the public arena. Once I find my tipping point that is when fitness embraced my life, taking me with open arms.

At the age of 20, I began to develop a routine. One that would lead to excitement and reward, my routine at the time consisted of work all day, go to the gym, and then home to read more about fitness. I read every magazine or book that I came across, remembering most of my knowledge and experimentation coming from a publication call “Muscular Development.” From the side articles to the feature spreads, it was my fitness bible as well as trainer resources. Taking responsibility for my circumstances I started to see thing change in my very own appearance. I am talking about definition, vascularity, and size. I was hooked. The six-pack came in and people who had not seen me, mostly those gone away to college, etc. Would start asking questions like, “how did you that?” “What happened to you?” I believe it was then that I first realized that I had change something big. Not only did I make a change in my life, but also in the life of everyone who knew me before. Thinking back on it one simple change at an early point in my life changed everything that happened in my life from that point on.

That is how I ended up becoming a fitness professional. Since then I have become the man I am today. Always willing to accept any challenge that will push my drive and focus. Now I hold a number of fitness certifications, started a training business, met a lot of great people, and constantly inspire those who hear my story. Though I am not finish, I pride myself as a work in progress striving to be the best me I can be.