November 5, 2015


Taste and love the process!

The topic of nutrition is always an interesting one. A big reason nutrition is so interesting is because the opinions and information on the topic varies greatly.

What nutrition protocol do YOU follow?

I have a number of nutrition principles that I share with you.

I think, as in exercise prescription, that there are many ways to “skin the cat.”  I take a variety of things into consideration when I prescribe a nutrition plan.

Nutrition is 70-80% of your results and your performance in the gym.  Ever heard this statistic?

This is particularly interesting to me, especially lately, because there’s a trending discussion swirling around the “health and dieting” culture, casting a wide net on cleansers, dieters, organic devotees, juicers and even clean eaters, labeling them “orthorexics.” By definition, orthorexia is an extreme preoccupation with eating food that one considers healthy and pure. Similar to other eating disorders, orthorexics take healthy eating to a level of unhealthy obsession and lose sight of the reason they were eating this way in the first place, inflicting a great deal of shame and self-loathing upon themselves when they eat something “off-plan.” It’s unfortunate because what was first intended to be a positive, healthy lifestyle change can sometimes morph to unhealthy extremes.

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